Water Efficiency Calculations

Water Efficiency Calculations
Since 2010, Building Regulations Approved Document Part G has required that water must be used efficiently. Also referred to as Requirement G2 and Regulation 17K, the water consumption in a new dwelling must not exceed 125 litres per person per day. This includes 120 litres for internal use and a 5 litre allowance for external use. Local planning authorities are able to set a lower limit of 105L + 5L which will be specified in the planning permission.
The regulation applies to all new dwellings; newly erected or created by a material change of use e.g. converting offices to dwellings.
If your Building Control requires water efficiency calculations contact us now and let us help.
Our service to you
Proport Eco-Services provide water efficiency calculations at Design Stage and on completion of construction (As-built). At Design Stage the calculations and report ensure that your design and specification will meet the requirement and we can run multiple scenarios to help you achieve the most balanced specification. Once construction is complete you provide details of what has been fitted, along with any flow restrictors and we calculate the actual water efficiency. If the dwelling fails to comply we may recommend that flow restrictors are fitted.

At Design Stage or Post-construction we provide a full written report for submission to Building Control. Contact us now or call 01439 788 680

Our prices are highly competitive. In the case of multiple dwellings that have the same specification we only charge for one dwelling.
Useful resources
Not all fittings are the same!
Some suppliers of fittings are unable to provide details of the flow rates of their fittings so always check before buying.
The European Water Label web site is an extremely useful resource to find suitable fittings or look up information.
Note: just because a fitting has a WRAS label does not mean it is water efficient - WRAS is primarily concerned with protecting public health and safeguarding water supplies.
Your best resource is us - Contact us now and let us help.

Whatever your needs - water efficiency calculations, SAPs, sustainability statements or just general advice contact us now.
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