Energy Statements

Energy Statements
Many local planning authorities require a report to be submitted with the planning application showing how the proposed development will be energy efficient  and use sources of renewable energy. The aim may to meet a particular portion of the energy demand using renewables or to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by a particular percentage.  Energy Statements are also know by other names such as Energy Feasibility or Energy Assessments.

Currently the London Plan requires that development proposals should be able to show how carbon dioxide emissions will be at least 40% lower than the standard set in the 2010 L1A Building Regulations. This is to be achieved by using less energy, supplying energy efficiently and the use of renewable energy. Major development applications should include a detailed energy assessment showing how the carbon dioxide emission reduction is to be achieved.
Proport Eco-Services have considerable experience of providing energy statements to support planning applications in London and across the country. In addition, we don't just estimate the energy usage based on a generic specification - we carry out preliminary SAP calculations so you can be assured that what the report contains is not only practicable, but feasible and cost-effective. That way, when you come to the actual build you already know what to expect.
Contact us now with details of your project and local authority and we can advise you on what, if anything, is needed and provide a fixed price quotation.
Whatever your needs - energy statements, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment or just general advice contact us now
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